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(Back to Basics for Auto Sales Success Today !)

This course will give the basic skills needed to be successful in selling any type of vehicle from inexpensive used vehicles in the retail sales arena as well as the BHPH field and all the way up to brand new, ultra high-end vehicles for sale today. This course has been used by successful sales people all across the U.S. to train dealership sales staff with exceptional results.


Programs Available Nationwide:

For State Independent Dealer Associations

– A one day GPU is available for Regional Seminars and Training sessions

Independent State Dealer Conventions.
– A 60-90 minute presentation is available

NCIADA 2015 Green Pea Students

A recent picture from the Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association Green Pea University held on November 9, 2015. This is a group picture of just the students from a dealership group in Charlotte called Crown Automotive . There were total of 25 students that graduated !

Sponsoring Dealership program

– We will advertise, interview, hire and train “Green Peas” and turn over to you ready to hit the sales floor! The applicants will actually pay for the 3 day training class! ( This program for dealerships looking to hire numerous new salespeople. )

– Also Available: A One day program for salespeople that have already been hired within the last year and are struggling, but salvageable.


Course Synopsis:

This course covers all the process involved in the proper “basic “techniques in successfully selling new and used vehicles. Sample of the topics covered include:

  1. Meeting & Greeting
  2. Building Rapport
  3. Proper Qualifying Techniques
  4. Selection & Presentation Procedures
  5. Proper Demo techniques
  6. Building Mental Ownership Techniques
  7. Price Negotiating
  8. Closing & Write up Procedures
  9. Delivery
  10. Follow up & Prospecting Programs ……… (LOST ART) !


Also discussed throughout the class will be the following topics:

  1. Appraisal procedures
  2. Service tours
  3. Trial Closes
  4. Product Knowledge plans
  5. Psychology behind price negotiating
  6. Leadership skills in the Auto Sales arena
  7. Critical thinking techniques involved in the sales process
  8. Strong CSI skills are stressed throughout
  9. Attitude Adjustment Techniques included


Although some of these topics might sound foreign, this high intensity 2 1/2 day course will cover all the tools needed to be successful auto sales “professionals” in our industry. Graduates can be placed on the sales floor immediately to begin their new careers.

100% of what the graduate learns in this class will be used each and every day on a regular basis in your local dealership, for proven results. Graduates will receive a KISS Concepts Group certification diploma, which qualifies them in the “basic” procedures in becoming a successful auto salesperson (that stays at your dealership)!


For more information or questions on these programs contact:

Rod A. Heasley

President /CRO
KISS Concepts Group LLC
Direct at toll free: 844.857.0869 Ext # 101
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