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700Credit Partners with KISS Concepts Group


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700Credit, LLC, Announces National Marketing Partnership with KISS Concepts Group LLC

Southfield, MI/  Aug.3, 2016 – 700Credit, the industry leader in providing credit, compliance and prescreen products and services exclusively to the automotive industry, announced today a national marketing  partnership for lenders and dealers with KISS Concepts Group,  a  nationwide auto dealer, auto lender, master agency and consulting firm with agent footprints in 33 states. This agreement will allow KISS Concepts Group clients seamless and secure access to credit reports, compliance and prescreen products.

“This agreement with KISS Concepts Group allows 700Credit to continue offering auto lenders as well as auto dealers critical credit tools they need to quickly and accurately evaluate consumer credit information, and as importantly, perform necessary compliance functions, with KISS Concepts Group concentrating in the auto lender relationships both in the prime and sub-prime arena,” said Ken Hill, Managing Director of 700Credit.

This solution includes 700Credit’s industry-leading Compliance Dashboard tool, which allows dealers and lenders to view critical compliance information on one easy-to-read screen so that they can proactively monitor their dealership’s efforts as they relate to mandatory Federal compliance regulations.

“Our nationwide agent base is very excited about this partnership because it will significantly streamline lenders/dealers workflow as well as allow them to save money on credit, compliance and prescreen products.  We’re happy to offer a service from a company with an already established reputation in our industry, especially one that saves time and steps for our lenders and dealerships,” said Rod Heasley, President of KISS Concepts Group.

700Credit is offering KISS Concepts Group auto lenders and auto dealers preferred, pay-as-you-use pricing for its credit reporting, compliance services and prescreen products.

About 700Credit

700Credit is the automotive industry’s leading solution for credit reports, compliance products and prescreen services. The company’s product and service offering includes credit reports, prescreen services, OFAC compliance, Red Flag solutions, score disclosure notices, adverse action notices and more. 700Credit exists to provide its clients with the highest quality data in a compliant framework in the most time efficient manner possible. For more information about 700Credit, visit

About KISS Concepts Group

KISS Concepts Group, a North Carolina based company with administrative offices in Lakewood, CO, is a national master agency for professional and experienced independent business development managers throughout the country and currently in 33 states. KISS Concepts Group has established “on the street” professional relationships with lenders and auto dealers by offering new and unique programs and sales training consulting services.  For more information about KISS Concepts Group, visit

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